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Approval Manufacturer Description Model Mod Type
Engineering Design only AS350, AS355

Helicopter Weak Link (Hook-Tow Line)

B, B1, B2, B3, BA, D, N Weak Link
O-LSA04-008 / D Airbus Passenger Seat Cushions Assembly Replacement on B/E AEROSPACE   Seat Type: D3111F11xx-01 Series A320-232 Interiors
O-LSA04-195 / D Airbus

Galley Trolley Bumper Spacer Installation

A330-322 Interiors
O-LSA05-268 / D Cessna

FLIR Camera Mount Provisions

T206H EO / IR
O-LSA05-295 / D Bombardier

Galley Modifications for DHC-8 Q-400 ACFT

DHC-8-400 Interiors
O-LSA06-108 / D Britten Norman

Oversized Tire Installation

BN-2A-26 Landing gear
O-LSA06-158D Cessna

Pneumatic Component Rack Installation

208 Special Missions
O-LSA08-103 / D Bombardier

Aft Cargo Door Strut Universal Joint Replacement

DHC-8-402 Cargo
O-LSA09-339 / D Bombardier

DHC-8 E-Class Electrical Panel Provisions

O-LSA10-183 / D Bombardier

E-Class Alternate Parts Substitution

DHC-8-102 Cargo
O-LSA11-049 / D Cessna

Survey Configuration Installation

182T Special Missions
O-LSA13-066 / D Bombardier

Wiring and Cockpit Mounts (LH & RH) Installation for EFB System

DHC-8-402 Electronic Flight Bags
O-LSA99-030 / D Cessna

Installation of Cargo Nets

208, 208B Cargo
O-LSH12-005 / D Agusta

Auxiliary 300Amp Generator Installation

AW119 MKII Aux Generator
SA00-107 Bombardier

DCH-8-100 Cargo Conversion-'E' Class

DHC-8-101, DHC-8-102, DHC-8-103, DHC-8-106 Cargo Download
SA00-126 Bombardier

DHC-8-300 QAR / ASAP Monitoring System

DHC-8-101, DHC-8-102, DHC-8-103, DHC-8-106, DHC-8-201, DHC-8-202, DHC-8-301, DHC-8-311, DHC-8-314, DHC-8-315 Data gathering
SA97-106 Bombardier

Classs "E" Cargo Conversion/Smoke Detection System and Abrasion

Protection System

DHC-8-201, DHC-8-202 Cargo