The ideal candidate is a multi-faceted individual with a strong technical knowledge base. You would ideally have the following attributes:


  • Capable of working with technical, program, and management personnel both within and outside of DECA Aviation;
  • Equally comfortable working as part of a team on a big project or independently on smaller ones;
  • Strong problem solving skills and the ability to find answers in the most effective manner;
  • Comfortable with your skill level but can recognize your own limitations and are not afraid to ask for help;
  • A deep level of experience and expertise in one or more of our key focus areas and a willingness to work to expand this experience in other areas in the company;
  • Ability to process and work through conflicting priorities;
  • Dedicated to achieving your objectives and willing to work hard to do so;
  • Experience working with certification and certification authorities like Transport Canada, FAA and EASA;
  • Has engineering and/or design experience with post-production aircraft modifications.


If you are passionate about growing your skills, supporting your customers, and are motivated to succeed you will be a good fit. As an equal opportunity employer, we strive to create an exciting and open workplace that values teamwork, respect, and diversity. This attitude defines our culture and employees today.